Ethno Germany

Age Preferences: 16-26 Price: to be announced Contact and applications: Ethno Germany/JM Germany, For more information visit JM Germany website.

Ethno Finland

Ethno Finland will be organized for the third time from the 7th to the 13th August 2017 and will take place in Kallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää. Kallio-Kuninkala is an idyllic location situated by the lake. The sauna will be warm every evening! Leaders: Antti Järvelä (Finland): a brilliant violin, guitar, contrabass etc. player from Kaustinen/Härmä. An Ethno [...]

Ethno Flanders

For the 18th time Ethno Flanders is happening – from July 30th to August 8th in Ostend, Belgium. Your crew and artistic leaders will do everything to make it an unforgettable week. Leaders: Naomi Vercauteren (fiddle/B) Jeroen Knapen (guitar/B) Nikolaj Wamberg (bas/DK) Kieren Alexander (Accordion/AUS). Age preferences: 16-30 For further information and how to apply, [...]

Ethno Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ethno will take place in Bosnian city of Tuzla (so called ‘small Yugoslavia’) in the last week of July! Don’t miss the seven days of Ethno party, filled with fusion, friends, food and fun! All the F’s! Try the Balkan way of doing things – try F’ethno! For further details visit the Akustikum website.

Ethno Estonia

Estonian ETNO is an international music camp for young people aged 16 to 30 with an ear for Estonian and global folk music. If you play well and you would like to participate in a large Ethno-orchestra music and find new friends, you’re very welcome to Estonia Etnosse! Ühisõpitoad await you in the camp with dance and [...]

Ethno Catalonia

Greetings! Are you a Traditional/Folk musician aged 18-30 looking for a life-time experience, sharing music, performing and touring with musicians from around the world this Summer? Join Ethno Catalonia 2017 Music Campus, Festival & Concert Tour in Banyoles, near Barcelona, from 7th to 17th July! Age preferences: 18-30 Price: EU citizens €245  / Non-EU citizens [...]

Ethno Sweden

Ethno Sweden is the oldest and the biggest of the Ethno camps. Ethno Sweden has had participants from more than 70 countries over the years and participants from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia at every Ethno. Age preferences: 17-25 Price: €230 Apply here.

Ethno England

Ethno is back in Oxford from 9th-18th June, and our fantastic friends, Tandem Festival, are back with a full-on 3-day edition of their sustainable party! We’ve got a new location, a new chef, and a whole load of exciting plans….. You’ll find all the info you need and the application form in the pages here.


Ethno Palestine 2017   We’re so excited! We can’t wait to host the very first Ethno Palestine in 2017! The first one. EVER! How did this happen, I hear you say! Well, in the summer of 2016 we brought 4 amazing Palestinian musicians to Glamsbjerg for Ethno Denmark. They had such a great time in Denmark [...]


The fifth edition of Ethno Australia will happen between the beautiful northern beaches and northern rivers regions of New South Wales. Camping at amazing locations between Bellingen and Byron Bay, Ethno Australia has a strong focus on Indigenous Australian culture and traditional song-lines. Not only will you get to stay and play in some of [...]


Nothing short of mind-blowing is what Ethno Germany will be in 2016. A colourful bunch of wonderful people from different corners of the world bring their instruments and their hearts to share with everyone else. The ruins of Castle Lichtenberg will provide yet again the rustic yet fascinating backdrop for days full of workshops and [...]


Longing for a week full of music, meeting friends from all over the world, playing music, going to the beach, playing music, dancing, playing music, going crazy, playing music,… together with 60 musicians from 20 countries from 5 continents? Join us and our team of professional musicans who with you will prepare a spectacular concert that [...]


Ethno Denmark is one of the “cozy” Ethnos with around 30- 40 participants. It will charm you with its beautiful countryside setting in an old farm complex, which nowadays is the home of a buzzing music school. Our hosts, the owners of this cultural oasis, are a Brazilian-Danish family, who are the musical heart of [...]


For those keen to discover Bosnia and Herzegovina or who are thinking about an Ethno tour around the Balkans, this is your chance! Ethno Bosnia-Herzegovina takes place every year in the beautiful and buzzing city of Tuzla. Ethno BH gathers around 100 participants with a large focus on the Balkans and the musical and intercultural [...]


The applications for Ethno Portugal 2016 are open from the 1st February to the 31st May. Folk musicians and dancers from around the world can join the biggest artist-in-residence in Portugal! Ethno Portugal gathers 45 young musicians and dancers from 20 different countries so they can share their energy, music, dance and culture, and prepare [...]