Ethnofonik Orchestra 2013

20 musicians from 10 European countries spent together one week to participate in workshops, learn and teach traditional tunes from their countries and put together a repertoire. The tracks were recorded at the two performances they had in Evry Conservatoire and Villebon-sur-Yvette Youth Cultural Center. The project was implemented by AOLF with support from the Grundtvig Lifelearning Programme of the EU.

Ethno Germany – Live Sessions 2013

Ethno Germany 2013 took place at Castle Lichtenberg in Rhineland-Palatinate from August 9 until August 13 2013. Here’s a collection of tunes coming from over 10 countries that were taught and performed during the camp and live performances.

Ethno Jordan – Live in Amman 2012

Recorded live at the Roman Amphitheatre of Amman on 5 September 2012. Ethno Jordan is a project of The National Music Conservatory of Amman, Arab Academy of Music, Jeunesses Musicales International, Cultural Movement EPILOGI of Limassol and Sevda Cenap And Foundation and was held between the 1st and 6th September 2012 in Amman, Jordan bringing [...]

Ethno Flanders 2012 – Live @ De Centrale (Gent)

This year Ethno Flanders (Belgium) has brought together more than 60 young musicians from around the world who put together a repertoire of 22 songs spanning more than 10 countries over 3 continents. Listen to their performance recorded at De Centrale in Gent.

Ethnofonik Orchestra – Live (2012)

24 musicians from 11 European countries have met during 8 days in France in January 2012. Each one has taught the others one tune or song of traditional/folk music of his/her country, his/her region with the aim of keeping alive the musical heritage of Europe. From “teachers” to “students” during this training course, the musicians [...]

Ethno Estonia – Spring Session Live

Spring Ethno Estonia took place as a taster for the Ethno Estonia camp at the Estonian Traditional Music Centre in Viljandi between 21 and 24 March. Three main artistic leaders from Scotland and Estonia initiated the 15 participants into traditional songs and performance.

Ethno Flanders – Live @ Dranouter Festival 2011

It has became a tradition almost that each year the musicians attending Ethno Flanders (Belgium) play their music at the end of the camp on the stage of the renowned Dranouter Festival. Listen to the recording of their concert in 2011 for a global musical experience spanning from East Africa to Europe and from North to South America.

Ethno On The Road – Live in Sweden 2010

A selected few of the best Ethno Sweden alumni come back to Sweden each year after the camp for a short tour in the beginning of October.

Ethno Sweden – Live in Rattvik 2010

18 songs from 4 continents spanning as many traditions! Listen to the recordings of Ethno Sweden who performed these songs in the closing of the camp in Rattvik in 2010.

Ethno France – Live in Clamart 2010

Ethno France has brought together young musicians from 5 EU countries who lived together for 15 days in Ile de France, from April 24 to May 9, 2010 and put together a repertoire consisting of traditional music from their countries.