A New Tone for Global Folk Music Program

The global youth-music nonprofit, JM International (JMI), has announced an exciting new development to its Ethno program. 2019 will mark the beginning of a 3-year project to bolster the program’s impact, outreaching more young musicians worldwide, strengthening the program’s organisational capacity and bringing greater attention to the vital work being done through Ethno. Access to [...]

Ethno 2018: The Endless Summer of folk

Hey Ethno friends! With a record 19 Ethnos taking place this year in as many countries, Ethno is fast becoming: the Endless Summer of Folk! Are you thikning of the best way to spend your summer? Filled with music, friendship and travel? Well have we got some options for you!  This year we have a whole bunch of new [...]

Ethno camps around the world – a musical summer 2017!

From Nablus, the cultural centre of Palestine to the green lands of Dalarna, Sweden, moving to the hot weather from Banyoles, Spain and then to the biggest castle ruin in Germany, Castle Lichtenberg. The trip of our Ethno camps was amazing so far! More than 200 people joined the music camps in the past few [...]

Ethno is back for 2017!

With camps announced in 14 countries, 2017 is going to be another fantastic year for folk music. As well as the return of some hugely successful Ethno camps all around the world, we are very excited for the first ever Ethno Palestine! Ethno Palestine 2017 will take place in Nablus, featuring a performance at the 2017 Nablus Cultural Festival. Ethno [...]

Ethno 2016: The New Spirit of World Music is Back!

The long and cold winter is finally over and for us folk lovers this means just one and only thing: The Ethno Season is BACK! We couldn’t be more exciting to announce a 2016 Summer of Folk that is expected to be full of events dedicated to world music and intercultural exchange between young musicians [...]

Ethno 2015: A Beautiful Jam

The Summer is long gone and the fallen Autumn leaves and heavy coats have slowly taken over our routine again. Nonetheless, our minds still fill with joy when we remember the great Summer memories created by Ethno World! In case you missed it or just want to reminisce, here is a quick recap brighten with [...]

Ethno Summer = Music Festivals

So you wanted to participate in Ethno this summer but, by an uncomfortable set of circumstances, missed the application deadline? No worries, there are still other ways of enjoying the awesome 2015 season camps, as they are proliferating all over Europe and throughout festivals. If the Ethno participants start rehearsing in a peaceful and breathtaking [...]

Ethno England: Resurrected for the Tandem Festival

Ethno has a long history in England. Imported by the musician Sam Pirth in 2003, the project ran until 2008 as England’s only international youth folk music camp. After a break of 6 years, Ethno is coming back in England! And not just anywhere: the summer camp will be held at Tandem Festival in Oxfordshire! This fantastic [...]

How many Ethno camps can you do in one summer?

This summer, traditional/folk camps are going to flourish all over the world! Lead by some great names as the Indian tabla virtuoso Suchet Malhotra or the highly experienced Swedish composer Ale Möller, Ethno is promised to be a tasty mix of workshops, jam sessions and performances, sprinkled with intercultural exchanges and, of course, sun! So [...]

Sign up for Ethno Croatia 2015!

Ethno Croatia will take place in the beautiful little village of Grožnjan, a JMI World Meeting Centre between 8 – 17 July. (arrival date 7. July, departure date 18. July). After a week of picturesque Grožnjan and time filled with workshops, rehearsals, dance evenings and jams and one day trip to seaside, Ethno goes on [...]

Get ready for the first edition of Ethno Finland

Ethno Finland will be organised for the first time from the 3rd  to the 9th August 2015. It takes place in Päivölän virkistyskoti in Nummela, Vihti, an idyllic location situated by the lake, a great sauna that will be warm every evening! Ethno Finland is aimed at advanced young folk musicians aged between 18- and 25 and [...]

Participate in the 25th anniversary Ethno Sweden!

The registrations for the 26th edition of Ethno Sweden are now open. The summer camp will take place in the nice little village of Rattvik in the middle of Sweden´s most folkloristic region, Dalarma, between the 25th June and 3rd July 2015. This edition is special since Ethno Sweden (1990+2015) is celebrating their 25th anniversary so [...]

Registrations for Ethno Estonia are now open

Ethno Estonia is a music camp for young people where during two intense summer weeks you can learn about folk music from Estonia and other countries. This happens through playing and sharing music together in a creative environment. There will be participants from Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, etc. The camp will conclude with the annual Viljandi Folk [...]