News from Ethno Portugal

Finally we have a new website of Ethno Portugal!! You can visit it to get info about the latest updates, and to register. Make sure to pass by!   Last places to participate in the first Ethno Portugal!!! People from Australia, India, Cameroon, Jordan, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Portugal… take place this summer [...]

Ethno Denmark 2013 – Tune Book

Your Ethno summer went by to fast or you didn’t have a chance to join any camp this year? Don’t worry: here’s a little bit of the Ethno spirit for you: we’ve put together the tunes taught this year at Ethno Denmark! Learn folk songs from Denmark, Mongolia, Scotland, Sweden, Palestine and many other countries [...]

Ethno France 2010

Learn and play the tunes taught/learnt at the first Ethno France in 2010. There’s 7 traditional/folk tunes coming from different parts of France, Estonia, Sweden, Croatia and Slovenia. You can listen to some of them on our MUSIC section.  

Ethnofonik Tunebook

Tunes taught/learned at the Ethnofonik workshop organized by AOLF and which took place in 2012 in Paris. 12 tunes coming from all parts of Europe.

Ethno Sweden 2002

Learn and play 2 songs taught/learned at Ethno Sweden 2002 in Falun: “Fetpolskan” by Jonas Olsson and “Kjellarlemmen”. Check out for more tabs.        

Ethno Histria 2003

Tune taught at Ethno Histria (Slovenia) in 2003. “The Prickle Holly Bush” is a traditional song that comes from England and this one is similar to the version sung by The Watersons. Check out more tunes on