Ethnofonik France 2020

Ethnofonik is a comprehensive, interactive training course aimed at providing participants from the world of Ethno the tools to facilitate and showcase the exchange of culture to different audiences through music. It is aimed at more experienced musicians who want to up their Ethno skills and work towards becoming Ethno Artistic Leaders. Ethnofonik provides participants [...]

Ethno Solomon Islands 2020

Ethno Solomon Islands 4th edition will add warmth and a tropical picnic style camp to your Ethno music experience: exciting collaborations with local and international folk and traditional musicians, learning new phrases of the local language, tropical fresh fruits and veggies, visiting awesome places among which museums, galleries, even a prison, making new friends and [...]

Ethno Uganda 2020

Ethno Uganda’s 3rd edition boasts a diverse and rich cultural heritage expressed in its arts and performances, social norms, languages, marriage ceremonies, indigenous knowledge systems of nature and environment. Ethno Uganda 2020 is 10 days of workshops and jams, where participants will get to experience Uganda’s culture and share the Ethno spirit. We will also [...]

Ethno Germany 2020

ETHNO Germany Music Camp 2020 is an experience for musicians and dancers from all over the world. The ruins of Castle Lichtenberg near Kusel (Palatinate) will provide once again a rustic yet fascinating scenery for musicians and dancers working side by side, creating breathtaking performances, where sound and movement merge together. About 50 participants will [...]

Ethno Brazil 2020

Enjoy the experience of making music in a sustainable farm surrounded by the fantastic Mantiqueira mountains and the beautiful Jaguari lake! The third edition of Ethno Brazil will take place at Fazenda Serrinha in rural São Paulo and will gather around 25 young musicians.  Musicians from around the world will live together in this idyllic [...]

Ethno Flanders 2020

Ethno Flanders has been running for over 20 years now! You can look forward to ten days of music, fun and connection with 45 musicians from 5 continents and 15 nationalities, plus several concerts in collaboration with Muziekmozaïek and Dranouter Festival. In 2020, we’ll change location to a wonderful place amidst the woods and nature! [...]

Ethno Sicily 2020

Ethno Sicily is a musical, intercultural and international project hosted by Alkantara fest, which brings together young musicians to share the traditional music of their cultural background. Based on non-formal and peer-to-peer teaching, each musician teaches by oral transmission their musical piece to the others. They will gather for 7 days for various activities, which [...]

Ethno Denmark 2020

Ethno Denmark takes place in a unique musical community under the roofs of the Danish–Brazilian culture house CulturArte, which is located in the middle of the Danish countryside on Funen. The old farm buildings and set-up of facilities make Ethno Denmark seem like a small village on its own. The contributions of volunteers and locals [...]

Ethno Portugal 2020

Ethno Portugal has the particularity of joining musicians and dancers from around the world, who share their experiences to create and connect these two forms of art. This year we are traveling to a new place, in Arraiolos. We will be welcoming participants in a beautiful village, with the magic of a castle, the freshness [...]

Ethno Estonia 2020

Ethno Estonia is one of the biggest and oldest Ethnos in the world. Usually we have 5 Artistic Leaders and 70-75 participants, half of which are locals. So, double amount of joy is guaranteed! This year we will have our 24th Ethno!!! Our camp takes place in a beautiful manor house in a small village [...]

Ethno Catalonia 2020

Ethno Catalonia is both a festival and an international folk music camp, gathering 40 young musicians from around the world to live a unique experience – learning folk/ traditional music from diverse regions of the globe and building a multicultural repertoire of songs shared with one another. Conducted by Artistic Leaders, this one-of-a-kind multi-ethnic orchestra [...]

Ethno Croatia 2020

Ethno Croatia takes place in the picturesque medieval village of Grožnjan, a place of art and music, where dozens of music workshops take place each summer. Ethno Croatia is in Grožnjan for approximately five days, during which participants teach each other songs and tunes, and perform their first concert. What follows is a tour to [...]

Ethno Finland 2020

We are calling for young musicians from all over the world to join us, to share their music and culture, and to perform at the largest folk music festival of the Nordic Countries. The 6th edition of Ethno Finland will take place in the beautiful countryside of Kaustinen, where the folk tradition is still strongly [...]


The EthnoFest is a celebration — of 30 years of Ethno! The entire campus of Rättviksparken will be turned into a festival ground with camping, stages, workshops, events, merchandise, food and drink as we welcome Ethno friends from all around the world! Whether you have been to Ethno (discounted prices) or not (cheap prices), you [...]

Ethno Cyprus 2020

Οrganized by the Euro-Arab Youth Music Centre and in collaboration with its funding members, JMI, Arab Academy of Music (League of Arab States) and the Cultural Movement of Limassol “Epilogi” – JM Cyprus, as well as numerous partner organizations from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Croatia, Serbia and Belgium, and supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Culture, [...]