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Nimosas: Pärtel Enok (tutor Õie Aruoja)

Piano animals celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia with spectacular concert performances, where the whole family – both small and big!

Actress Margus Tabor, artist Kerstin Hallik, musicians Katri Rebane, Mihkel Mälgand, Peeter Rebane and Kristjan Priks tell stories about the piano’s songs about a lovely home and the worth of everyone. They are talked about music, motionless moving images and incredible verses.

Concerts are held in 10 places all over Estonia. Each concert is special and unique, as at each venue a famous piano player, one of his home towns, joins the performers who, in addition to their participation, will also have a character in the performance. The performer of each region was chosen specially for this event at the All-Estonian Piano Competition organized by the event.

“Piano Animals. Life in Music “by Katri Rebane, artist Kerstin Hallik and director Aare Toikka.

The pianos, who can be seen and heard at the concert show, have a lot of surprises, are waiting to be friends and celebrate the birthday of Estonia in April 2018!

“Piano Animals: Life in Music” is one of the winners of the EV100 Music Competition.

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