Ethno Germany

ETHNO Germany Summer Camp is a folk and traditional music camp for young musicians from all over the world.

Between 09th -19th of August 2018, around 40 enthusiastic participants aged between 16 and 30 will gather at the beautiful Castle Lichtenberg near the town of Kusel to play, teach and learn traditional music from all over the world. They get to know each other, exchange ideas and share experiences. But most of all, they explore diverse cultural backgrounds and reinvent traditional music. ETHNO Germany is about the people you meet, the music you play and the joy you have.

Whether you have been trained in classical music, your repertoire consists mainly of jazz compositions or you know the global folk music scene inside out; whichever instrument you play or which register you sing in; whether you consider yourself a professional musician or a hobby instrumentalist, ETHNO Germany’s unique approach benefits all participants equally through a lively mixture of jam sessions, workshops and performances.

Participation Fee:
250€ for participants living in Germany
150€ for participants living outside of Germany

If you have any questions regarding ETHNO Germany, please write an e-mail to