Ethno Uganda 2020

Ethno Uganda’s 3rd edition boasts a diverse and rich cultural heritage expressed in its arts and performances, social norms, languages, marriage ceremonies, indigenous knowledge systems of nature and environment.

Ethno Uganda 2020 is 10 days of workshops and jams, where participants will get to experience Uganda’s culture and share the Ethno spirit. We will also be visiting local music schools to introduce our music to some younger ears, as we continue to increase awareness and reinforce the involvement of youth at the local and global level in the preservation of cultural and natural heritage and fulfilling the objective of the 1972 World Heritage Convention.

Hosted in an eco-friendly Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center, formerly the Zoo, a fun and exciting place to see, as we learn about the animals of Uganda and the ecosystems in which they live, in partnership with Bayimba Foundation, the national member of JMI, and Uganda National Cultural Centre.
€100 for participants from Uganda
€200 for participants from the rest of the world

APPLY (by 22 August):