How many Ethno camps can you do in one summer?

This summer, traditional/folk camps are going to flourish all over the world! Lead by some great names as the Indian tabla virtuoso Suchet Malhotra or the highly experienced Swedish composer Ale Möller, Ethno is promised to be a tasty mix of workshops, jam sessions and performances, sprinkled with intercultural exchanges and, of course, sun! So grab you Mandolin, Zither, Melodeon, Daegeum, Rebab or whatever folk instrument you are great at and apply! The Ethno camps undoubtedly represent unique opportunities to learn and share a large variety of music and cultural knowledge with musicians from across the globe.

Ethno World and Jeunesses Musicales International are glad to introduce you the busy programme of this summer 2015:

  • Ethno England
    Dates: 13 – 19 June
    Venue: Hill End, Oxfordshire
    Application deadline: May 18th
  •  Ethno Italy
    Dates: 24 June – 2 July
    Venue: Villa Tittoni, Desio, Lombardy
    Application deadline: May 15th
  •  Ethno Sweden
    Dates: 25 June – 3 July
    Venue: Rattvik, Dalarna
    Application deadline: April 25th
  •  Ethno Croatia
    Dates: 8 – 17 July
    Venue: JMI World Meeting Center, Grožnjan
    Application deadline: June 15th
  •  Ethno Estonia
    Dates: 14 – 24 July
    Venue: Kõpu
    Application deadline:
  •  Ethno Portugal
    Dates: 24 July – 4 August
    Venue: Castelo de Vide
    Application deadline: May 31st
  •  Ethno Bosnia
    Dates: 25 July – 4 August
    Venue: Tuzla
    Application deadline: July 6th
  •  Ethno Flanders
    Dates: 2 – 10 August
    Venue: Sint-Lutgardisinstituut, Oostende
    Application deadline: June 1st
  •  Ethno Finland
    Dates: 3 – 9 August
    Venue: Vihti, Päivölän virkistyskoti, Nummela
    Application deadline: June 1st
  •  Ethno Norway
    Dates: 5 – 12 August
    Venue: Rørstad, Bodø
    Application deadline:
  •  Ethno Germany
    Dates: 12 – 20 August
    Venue: Castle Lichtenberg
    Application deadline:
  • Ethno Australia
    Dates: 15 – 30 December
    Venue: coming soon
    Application deadline: coming soon

See you there!