Ethno Croatia 2010

Based in the ancient Istrian town of Grožnjan, Ethno Croatia continues to build on the rich traditions of of the area, famous today for its many festivals. In 2010 the picturesque towns of Bale and Poreč on the Istrian peninsula also became important Ethno focal points hosting delightful performances during their “Jazz is Back” series.  

Organiser Lidija Dokusovic recalls, “I remember performing in Slavonski Brod, a town in the east of Croatia. Affected greatly by the war and largely isolated from the rest of Croatian cultural life it was pure magic. In front of 600 people in the historic Miletić Square, it was a wonderful concert with a great audience and full of emotions!”

The next ‘On the Road’ performance was held in the castle Golubovec in Gornja Stubica, which is in the north of Croatia. It was an intimate concert by candlelight performance in the castle’s courtyard.

The grand finale of Ethno Croatia was a concert at the International Folklore Festival on Jelačić Square, the main square in Zagreb. With a large crowd and warm atmosphere it was a perfect way to end the Ethno festivities.

Reflections from Ethno Croatia:

“This time in Croatia was one of my best times in my life: The music, shows, food, all the people! Playing in the big finale in front of a massive audience at the International Folklore Festival on Jelačić Square has to be one of the best memories!”
Markus from Sweden

“Beautiful place and beautiful people!”
Anna from Denmark

“It was very nice. I had so much fun and met a lot of interesting people from all over the world! See you for sure on next Ethno!”
Marko from Croatia

12 July – 21 July 2010: Grožnjan, Croatia


Countries represented
Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Sweden, Zambia

Allan Skrobe (Sweden – mandolin, guitar, mandola)
Lidija Dokuzović (Croatia – vocalist)

Grožnjan (Jazz is Back Festival)
Slavonski Brod
Gornja Stubica (Castle Golubovec)
The Zagreb International Folklore Festival

Partners and Sponsors
Hrvatska glazbena mladež, Riksonserter, Koncertna direkcija Zagreb