Ethno Denmark 2010

Let us go back in time… Ethno Denmark is well and truly underway with music seeping out from every corner of the Nordby School on the island of Fanø. Participants from 8 different countries, 3 different continents, are gathered to play and learn about folk music, cultures, traditions and each other. The spirit of Ethno is now alive and kicking in Denmark.

It was through a lot of hard work and passion that Ethno Denmark 2010 was realised only half a year after the project started! Choosing Fanø over other possibly more convenient locations came from the idea of wanting to show the participants an interesting part of Denmark and there is a living tradition of folk music and dance amongst the locals.

Reflections from Ethno Denmark:

“It is obvious to anyone how the folk music in Denmark or England has a very clear definition and style. Even if some of these people play completely different than me, it does not mean that I can’t play with them and have a good experience. Who says that an Indian sarod (19 strings instrument) player can’t play a Danish polka with me and a percussionist from Uganda?”
Hartwin from Belgium

“There isn’t a day that goes by after the Ethno Denmark performances where people don’t stop me in the streets to remark how much they enjoyed our performances.”
Peter Uhrbrand from Denmark, Ethno Denmark Leader

“Every Ethno is different and every Ethno is the best. You feel that this Ethno is well planned – even though it is the first. Each Ethno has its own distinctive spirit Ethno in Denmark it has already got its own soul”.
Eli from Belgium