Ethno Estonia 2010

Ethno Estonia 2010 took place in the little village of Kõpu in the south of Estonia and was a truly all-encompassing experience from the dance and music workshops to aiding local preparations for the well-renowned Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

Everyday participants would break up into workshop groups where they would learn music from the international participants as well as Estonian traditional tunes from the local musicians. Together with the mentors they then composed new arrangements for the final concert series in Kõpu.

Apart from the workshops, other activities were organised to allow the Ethno team to really explore and enjoy some of Estonia’s beautiful sights such as the excursion to Soomaa National Park and creating handicrafts and decorations for the famous Viljandi Folk Music Festival

There was a thematic evening named “night of creativity”, where the participants had the chance to get together in groups and spontaneously create music together, ending with a carnival-like showcase of musical talent. ,

The final concerts both in Kõpu and during the Viljandi Folk Music Festival were emotional and special moments for both organisers and participants that will never be forgotten.

Reflections from Ethno Estonia:

“I have never experienced such a fun atmosphere and with so many different personalities who are excellent musicians at the same time. Because of Ethno, I’m taking practicing my instrument more seriously than ever before. The summer of 2010 became the best summer of my life, I’ll always remember my first Ethno camp, the lovely people I met and the confidence I gained. I’m a 100% sure I’ll go to the Ethno 2011 as well!
Hendrik Kannel from Estonia

“Ethno Estonia 2010 was my first experience of a music camp. I didn’t expect it’d be that great to play the violin for 8-9 hours a day and how much it could be enjoyed. Well, now I know and I could say that I found a completely new passion for playing the violin. To be surrounded by almost non-stop music for 6 days was definitely one of the highlights of my summer!”
Elo Järv from Estonia

“The extraordinarily open and “straight” atmosphere, despite of the learners’ nationality, age or status is what makes the Ethnos so unique for me. The music became very fast something “here-and-now” – a part of life and it was the sound of life that came out of our instruments, songs and dances.”
Ants Johanson from Estonia

16 July – 22 July 2010 : Kõpu, Estonia


Countries Represented
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia (Mordva), Sweden

Maarja Nuut (Estonia – fiddle)
Hermann Härtel (Austria – fiddle)
Johanna-Adele Jüssi (Estonia – fiddle)
Kristjan Priks (Estonia – percussion, guitar)
Jalmar Vabarna (Estonia – guitar)
Merike Paberits (Estonia – flute / bagpipe)
Tuulikki Bartosik (Sweden – accordion)
Janika Oras (Estonia – folklorist)
Mari Kalkun (Estonia – vocal, kannel, accordion)
Andreas Kalkun (Estonia – folklorist)

Partners and sponsors
Kõpu County Council, Balbiino Ice Cream.

Church concert in Kõpu
Open-air concert in Kõpu
2 main concerts during the Viljandi Folk Music Festival with the entire Ethno Estonia 2010 with many spontaneous performances.