Ethno Flanders 2010

With the spirit of solidarity, openness and musical exploration Ethno Flanders 2010 took place in the Belgian seaside capital of Oostende. Held in a local school situated in a quiet residential area, Ethno participants would soon have to find a more sound proof environment for late night rehearsals and jams… It was not long before the problem was solved with the entire Ethno Flanders moving to the beach! From then on, this sandy sanctuary became the preferred venue for meeting, jamming, dancing and having fun.

On one of the days, impromptu busking sessions and concerts where organised along the seaside that turned out to be a great hit with participants, tourists and the good people of Oostende alike. These beach concerts where also excellent preparation (and publicity) for the performances in Gent (organized by J&M Gent) and for the final concert at Dranouter festival! This end performance on the main stage of Belgium’s biggest folk music festival was a huge success and a wonderful showcase of 15 countries represented on stage filled with the spirit of Ethno!
Reflections from Ethno Flanders
“The whole concept of Ethno Flanders was great – but the highlights? Making music late into the night with new friends, the dance workshops were we learned traditional dances and new moves from different cultures, the friendly leaders the street musician competition, the concert at the beach and of course the concert at Dranouter festival! A wonderful camp it was!”
Hilda from Sweden

“It is clear to see the change in people after their first Ethno, it is a positive life experience that can change your life and the way you think.”
Wim Claeys from Belgium, former participant, artistic director and organizer of Ethno Flanders

2 August – 9 August 2010: Oostende, Belgium


Countries Represented
Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, India, Jordan, Romania, Sweden, Uganda, Wales

Nicolas Hauzeur (Belgium – fiddle)
Sara Salvérius (Belgium – accordion)
Lisa De Boos (Belgium – double bass)
Ian Stephenson (UK – guitar, diatonic accordion)
Wim Claeys (Belgium – diatonic accordion)

Concert at the beach/street concert Oostende
Concert In Gent organised with Jeugd & Muziek Gent
Festival Dranouter

Partners and Sponsors
Jeugd & Muziek Vlaanderen and Muziekmozaïek