Ethno France 2010

Whilst some Ethnos are already in their teens, France hosted its very first Ethno in 2010 inviting young musicians from the famous Conservertoire de Clamart to perform alongside participants from four other countries.

For two weeks long the musicians swam in the Ethno experience enjoying being together at the conservatoire where they had all they needed and more to make a great musical encounter.

One of the main aims of Ethno France was to establish a strong human connection between the participants complimenting all the great music being made. An amazing programme of events was put together from cooking classes (where all were invited to share their national dishes) to trips to Paris, dancing lessons and more where participants had loads of fun and really got to know one another.

The local community was also involved throughout the entire Ethno via workshops for very young students of the conservatoire.

Ethno France was realised through the support of the European Commission’s “Youth in action” program.

24 April – 9 May 2010 : Ile-de-France, France.


Countries Represented
Cyprus, Estonia, France, Slovenia, Sweden

Allan Skrobe (Sweden – mandolin, guitar, mandola)
Lidija Dokuzović (Croatia – vocal)

Ecole Centrale de Paris (Student Campus)
Jardin du Luxembourg (Park in Paris)
Conservatoire de Clamart (Auditorium)
Oreille Cassée (Youth Cultural Center)

Partners and sponsors:
Riskonserter, Estonian Folk Music Center, JM Cyprus, KAPA

European Union “Youth in Action Program”,Conseil Général Essonne, Val de Marne et Hauts de Seine, French Ministry for Youth

Local Partners
Jeunesses Musicales de France, Conservatoire de Clamart, Communauté Val de Seine, CROUS, Mairie Saclay, Ouiches Lorraines, 91 All stars, Les Skalopes, MJC Combs la ville

Reflections from Ethno France:

“For the first time in my life I felt and really believed that music is truly without doubt the international language of the world. An experience that changed my way of thinking, my words are poor to describe what I felt in those beautiful days. Great people, unforgettable memories.”
Panayiotis Kremmastos from Cyprus
“It was so cool to be here and I look forward to play again together sometime, even though the line-up of musicians might be different, the music we created here isn’t going to disappear.” 
Leon from Slovenia
“Ethno France 2010 ROCKED!  I miss those rehearsals, the gigs, and of course the musical exchange with good friends” 
Mario from Cyprus