Ethno Sweden 2010

The small community of Rattvik embraces Ethno Sweden each year. From the devoted staff at the Rattvik School that hosts Ethno to the partners to the Rattvik people that help make Ethno Sweden a warm and peaceful place to be.

The big concert during Musik vid Siljan, one of Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious festivals, gathered several hundred listeners. Ethno was also invited to perform at the Bingsjo Fiddle Festival, which just goes to show the respect and value that Dalarna community has the project. The young world musicians performing on stage, teaching dances from all over the world is an important part of this festival, one of the biggest folk events in Sweden.

Reflections from Ethno Sweden:
“There is no better ambassador than music. Nothing can move you into someone’s living room faster. Nothing can, without words, create bigger unity in the moment. Borderless and classless. Independent of generation or gender. Humbly liberated from religion and politics. Thomas Carlyle once described it as is the ‘language of angels’ and what better place to explore this language than Ethno.”
Roger Tallroth, past Ethno Sweden leader

“Ethno has been my best summer memory for five consecutive years and probably my most important music event ever.”
Erik Rydvall from Sweden, past Ethno Sweden leader

“Ethno has that tolerant and peaceful atmosphere, everyone is together and in love with the music, real music from the soul, real words from mouth. That is Ethno for me.”
Tomislav Novak from Croatia

“The attitude in general is great at Ethno, it’s so genuine. People treat each other with respect, they are friendly and helpful, and it’s a lovely environment! The love and the pure happiness I felt at Ethno, surrounded by these amazing people, is something I will always carry with me! I feel so lucky to have been a part of this!”
Erika Backlund, Sweden

“Once you have experienced Ethno there is no going back. You only grow from there…”
Suchet Malhotra from India, Ethno Sweden leader

1 July – 10 July 2010 : Rattvik, Sweden.


Australia, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland/Åland, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, USA

Allan Skrobe (Sweden – mandola)
Susanne Lind (Sweden – fiddle, voice)
Hanna Wiskari (Sweden – saxophone)
Ian Carr (Great Britain – guitar)
Kevin Henderson (Great Britain – fiddle)
Suchet Malhotra (India – percussion)

Outdoor concert, Rättvik city
Concert Rättviksparken, Rättvik
Concert Bingsjöstämman
Concert Skansen, Stockholm

Partners and sponsors
Folkmusikens Hus, Rättvik – Local co-partner
Rättviks kommun – Community
Swedish Fiddlers Association -
Musik i Dalarna – Regional music association
Musik vid Siljan – Music festival / concert venue
Skansen – Concert venue
Bilda – Educational association
Dalarnas Hantverksförbund – Regional handicraft organization
General Consulate of Sweden, Istanbul